• MexicoPipe handling installation
  • BrazilSupervision and installation of straighteners and extruders
  • Germany Plate revamping
  • Germany Installation of rolling stands
  • Germany Revamping of bundle conveyors
  • AustriaInstallation of annealing furnace
  • France Installation of coil annealing furnace
  • AlgeriaSupervision of complete rolling mill
  • China Supervision of 3 complete lines for aluminium coil processing
  • IndiaSupervision of rolling plates
  • Japan Supervision of rolling stands
  • QatarSupervision of rotating arms
  • Russia Gear unit revamping
  • USA Supervision of straightener + handling
  • Germany Revamping Var and scales splitting
  • BresciaInstallation of automated warehouse
    Shear revamping
    Stacker revamping
    Plate revamping
    Rotating arm revamping
    Revamping of complete rolling mill
    Revamping of rolling stands and handling
  • GenovaInstallation of coil annealing furnace
    Installation of 6,200 sqm shed
    Installation of coil handling
  • MilanoInstallation of aluminium coil pickling plant
    Revamping of 5 rolling stands + 2 shears
    Revamping of straighteners, extruders and picklers
  • BergamoPre-installation of hydraulic tests
    Pre-installation of gear cases
    Pre-installation of shears
  • BolognaRevamping of copper coil rolling mill
  • VeronaInstallation of mineral load for furnaces
  • CasertaRevamping of aluminium rolling-mill train